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Yep, a newsletter
Yep, a newsletter

Are you in the Melbourne or Sydney areas? Why don’t you come down to the Startmate demo day in either Melbourne or Sydney and watch me pitch Hecate to the masses. Booze is all-inclusive.

Other than that it’s all heads down, bums up at Hecate HQ. Catch you in a fortnight!


What Really Happened with Vista: An Insider’s Retrospective
Autobiographical histories of how large software projects get built is one of my all time top five favourite genres.

Falling in love with Rust
The first post I’ve read about Rust’s design that resonates with me. I may have to stop throwing rocks at it for no reason other than I like throwing rocks.

40 Hilarious Computer Interfaces Used in Movies
A collection of Hilarious Computer Interfaces Used in Movies, 40 or so if I recall correctly/

A Branch in Time - Tekin Süleyman
A talk on making maintainable software by focusing on the git history.

License Zero Against the Two-Party System
Interesting post on free/open software licencing and some of the recent kerfuffles in the space.

Business & Management

Engineering Management Reads
Big link and book dump of resources for new engineering managers. Strong recommend.

Advice to CEOs: digging out from a jammed calendar
This is good advice that scales down to any kind of senior leadership role for getting back on top of your schedule.

The Basecamp Way
Indie.vc shares an interesting take on why Basecamp’s story has become divisive in the bootstrapping community.

Strap Ratio: How efficiently a SaaS business has turned investment into Annual Recurring Revenue
Great lens to frame fundraising for those “middle-way” startups, not lifestyle businesses nor VC unicorn candidates.

Growing a feature team using lanes
Interesting approach to structuring a team as it grows, splitting the group by delivery timeframe rather than assigning ownership of vertical slices of product.


Fortnite legend Ninja is living the stream
If you, like me, are kind of old and don’t quite get what the whole esport streaming caper is this article may help. Or not.

The Secret History of Outkast’s ‘Speakerboxxx/The Love Below:’ the Last Truly Great Double Album
Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs says the sub-title can eat shit but a fun read on one of my favourite albums.

Haruki Murakami Introduces The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories
BRB buying The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories.

A Fuckbonnet For Our Time.
David Simon (creator of The Wire) lays bare the rot at the core of twitter’s content policies. Man can do a swear good.

Parry and Thrust
Vidal & Buckely’s TV debates are still worth writing (and reading) about.

Contractually Obligated Nautical Fact

BP is to blame for Deepwater Horizon, but its mistake was actually years of small mistakes.
Deep sea drilling disasters and name checking all my favourite writers on safety. From John Malkovitch to the space shuttle - this post has it all.

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