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Yep, a newsletter
Yep, a newsletter

Happy new year Hecate fans! I hope you had a good night along whatever measure of goodness works for you.

Just an easy, breezy shortened issue this fortnight on account of it being practically immoral to do much work at all during the sunny holiday break. I do love living in Australia this time of year.


Sorry, I’m skipping the tech section this issue. I spent my tech reading budget this fortnight in the DOOM black book and didn’t see any blog posts that caught my eye.

Business & Management

Indie VC v3 terms
The new-new terms for the new-new way to fund seed stage software products came out yesterday. They look… fine I guess? I’d be really interested in seeing a “cost of capital” analysis of these terms because I’m too lazy to do the maths myself.

How a Decision Journal Changed the Way I make Decisions
File this one under “things that will definitely make me function better as a human but will probably not do because i am lazy”. But I might actually do it. (Narrator: he won’t)

Three drawings I use to explain agile
File this one under “quick and easy ways to win arguments with recalcitrant stakeholders”.

The Halo Effect: Debunking Some Hot Business Books with One of His Own
If you are a regular consumer of business books, from Ray Dalio’s Principles through to anything ever written with the word “disupt” in the subheading and you haven’t yet read this book please put it at the top of your queue.


An Inside Look at Bolivia’s Aymara-Inspired, Folklore-Futurist Architecture Movement
These buildings blow my mind. The interiors might be a just a smidgen too much.

We’ve Got the Screen Time Debate All Wrong. Let’s Fix It
My, oh my, isn’t it loads of fun having kids since tech got invented? Can’t we just go back in time to when HAM radio or books with colour pictures were ruining children instead.

Recovering Nintendo’s Lost SimCity for the NES
Archaeological pieces about videogames from my childhood is a genre that I do not tire of, and if you do, I don’t care. Unless of course the unsubscribe rate goes up, then I might stoop to pretending to care.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack Might Be Year’s Biggest Album
I love the soundtrack to Red Dead 2 and enjoyed learning more about the behind the scenes. Interesting to learn about the artists that jump at the chance to work on something like this and those that wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

Contractually Obligated Nautical Fact

Are super-yachts the best places to keep your art collection?
Answering what is, for you I’m sure, this holiday season’s most pressing question.

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