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Yep, a newsletter
Yep, a newsletter

Sorry for the later than usual email this fortnight.

A quick reminder that Heartbeat Beta is live now and you can jump on board. Heartbeat’s the cornerstone of a larger system of pull request analytics, giving you the right quantitative and qualitative measures to coach your dev team to even greater success!


Buildkite - Public build pages for open source
Big congratulations to the Buildkite team for getting this feature out. Their hybrid cloud/self-hosted CI is the ducks nuts and the ability to use it for open source projects is a huge win.

Don’t Let the Internet Dupe you, Event Sourcing is Hard
Did you rush to implement event sourcing at your work after seeing a charismatic architect talk about it on stage? Did you ever get a hint of buyers remorse? No, me either.

CCPA will hit your dev team harder than GDPR. Here’s why.
If you’ve just passed the hump on your big GDPR project at work get ready to go again!

Statistics Done Wrong
My favourite way to learn things is to look at them done wrong or broken and then learn the right way from there. If that’s your jam, this book might be a good way for you to learn statistics.

As a human with a smaller human at home and a startup on the go I have zero business looking at new hobbies. On the other hand, how fun would it be to design a fantasy console in the style of my youth?

Business & Management

Lessons From Keith Rabois Essay 1: How to become a Venture Capitalist
Ignore “how to become a VC”, this is just plain good hiring advice.

Top 10 Learnings from the Redpoint Free Trial Survey
I apologise for including a usage of the word learnings. There is some valuable information in that post about how to most effectively run free trials for your SAAS business.

Eternal Market Patience Offers Eternal Rewards
Very interesting long term empirical study of which trading strategies consistently work. Long but worthwhile.

Innovation Isn’t All Fun and Games — Creativity Needs Discipline
I very much support this article’s balanced look at what it takes to run an innovative culture. I have already had my lifetime dosage of TED talks about embracing failure and the secret truth about trust falls or whatever.

jlevy/og-equity-compensation: Stock options, RSUs, taxes
A big GitHub readme with everything you’ve ever wanted to know about employee share ownership. Totally US centric but worth reading for a couple of reasons: a lot of the ideas are roughly translatable, and worth understanding the dynamic at play in the dominant market for tech talent.


I tried John McAfee’s signature 2020 cocktail and I will never be the same
I don’t know if I’m allowed to vote for the Pulitzer prize, but this is stand out content, within journalism as a whole and the niche subcategory of John McAfee content.

Technique Thursdays
I love this subcategory of Singapore’s Michelin guide’s blog. Weekly posts on really specific cooking techniques.

The Secrets of Lyndon Johnson’s Archives, by Robert A. Caro
A long but very worthwhile piece on the nitty gritty work that goes into being a historian.

A Demystifying Decade for Economics
A really interesting look at what’s happening within academic economics in the decade since the stinkin old GFC.

How an Olympic Hopeful Robbed 26 Banks on His Bike
The moral of this story is that even if you are really clever in parlaying your track cycling abilities into a great bank robbery technique, you’ll still get undone by crack.

Contractually Obligated Nautical Fact

10 of the most epic science fictional dolphins
Dolphins are from the sea and therefore facts about them are nautical. Even the hypothetical dolphins. Q.E.D.

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